Lodging in a traditional
Kyomachiya house.
We are proud to offer you
a brand-new daily life.

Your trip can be a breath of
fresh air that brings
new energy to your lifestyle.

Here, spend your days amongst
the culture and unique atmosphere of Kyoto.

You will find a daily sense of
relief and sense of liberty.

Our easy-to-use guest
kitchens are equipped with
carefully-selected kitchen
utensils and beautiful dishware.

Even while enjoying
the relaxation
and tranquility of townhouse,
you can delight in
creating something in
your own “Home”.

We are proud to offer you
a brand-new daily life.


  • Wacoal Corp.


    Wacoal company was founded in the beautiful city of Kyoto. In order to preserve the charming atmosphere for future generations, the company is breathing new life into the Kyomachiya homes in the form of a “Serene Home.”
    We hope that travelers to Kyoto will continue to enjoy a rich experience in our city,and our home.

  • Ever since its foundation in 1985, Spiral has espoused the commercialization of culture and has conducted activities under the concept of “Fusion of art and everyday life.” By utilizing its creative network and collaborating with artists, Spiral seeks to apply art to real society.

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